The Bridge Works’ Partnership with Sonic Pathology


Sonic Pathology Australia has been providing laboratory testing for the Australian Government’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program since January 2018. Throughout that time, The Bridge Employment has been a valued partner responsible for assembling some of the millions of home testing kits that are mailed out to participants each year.

The involvement with Sonic Pathology Australia allows The Bridge employees to feel empowered, included and valued. For many employees, this is their first job in Australia and many have struggled to find employment or have been marginalised because of their heritage or their religious background.

Like most organisations, COVID-19 had an immediate impact on The Bridge Works’ operating environment in 2020. While many services were moved off-site, the warehouse remained open, operating with 60% of its usual workforce, but still providing the full quota of testing kits. We are so proud of the whole team!


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