Sue Hansford

Sue has 30 years’ experience in the Medical Technology Industry, and for the last ten years has held the position of Managing Director for Australia/New Zealand of a listed US medical device company, Integra Lifesciences, focused on the neurosurgery market Versatile and adaptable within a team environment, having successfully managed and provided leadership to small and large organisations. Sue has also managed regional business initiatives across diverse product portfolios and prepared and delivered strategic revenue forecasts and market insights at a senior corporate level. Experienced in commercial leadership for sustainable and profitable growth, strategic marketing and business planning, M&A projects, change management and culture transformation, quality compliance and risk management Serves as a Non-Executive Board member for the NFP sector including Road Trauma Support Services Victoria. An active member of her employers’ Women’s Leadership Council, which promotes diversity, inclusion and career advancement opportunities for women in the workplace. Sue holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Information Management from Latrobe University

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