Diversity and new horizons

Over 50 years, The Bridge has become a more diverse organisation. Services now include supported employment for people both with and without disabilities and local young people. This approach reflects community expectations of a more inclusive and integrated society.

‘Our purpose is clear that we’re about inclusion and the more inclusive society is, the world is better…we’re an agent for that’ ‘The ultimate thing that we’re involved in is getting people included in society. …Everyone wants that, whether you’ve got a disability or not.’
Phillip Toovey, 2020 Oral History interview

In 2020, The Bridge is also developing the land originally purchased in the early 1970s. Over five decades, the Callander Road site, known as Urimbirra, was home to many, and now will have a new life as 37 townhouses are built on the site. In 2020, the people of The Bridge continue to find new purpose and to strive for a vibrant and successful future.

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