Building a school

In the early years of The Bridge, thanks to the unwavering efforts of the committee and the City of Springvale, land was secured in Noble Park. In 1974, after much hard work, the school, then known as a Day Training Centre, was opened to 18 children. Principal Margaret McDonald led a team of five staff members. Students were able to participate in activities like swimming, cooking, music, movement, indoor play, speech and creative activities. The school also hosted respite care for infants.

‘The playgrounds are now fully developed and many visitors come to Urimbirra especially to see them. It is a pleasure to watch the children’s natural joy in movement as they climb, balance, slide, swing, ride the bikes or play in the sand, promoting good health, physical fitness and developing sensory motor skills.’
Margaret McDonald, Principal, 1976 Annual Report

The school grew quickly. By 1977 the broader approach to disability education had changed and it came under the responsibility of the Department of Education. The school still operates today, as Springvale Park Special Developmental School, on the site of the former Springvale High School.

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