Developing skills & connectedness


Stawell Street participants have joined with Casey Manor and Casey Aged Care to volunteer twice a week with the friendship groups and Leisure and Health. This is a relatively new program which we are still trialling, with the idea that it will meet the goals of participants to develop social skills and has developed a positive community connection between the service and the facilities.

Stawell Street has also been utilising the services of Elite Mobile Therapy, fortnightly on a Friday morning, which is a Music Therapy program which the whole service is involved in.

Following each session they have a barbeque to bring the families together to connect. Participants are providing exceptionally positive feedback. They say it is like having a fortnightly party which sets the day up for success and happiness. It is their favourite day of the fortnight. The rapport that Josh (musician) and Cilla (CEO who attends with Josh) now have with staff and participants is beautiful to watch.

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